Smartphone Repair

Geek Garage has top of the line smart-phone repair services. Repairing a broken smart-phone is both ecologically and financially preferable to buying a new one!

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slow or do you feel it’s time for an upgrade? Bring your computer into Geek Garage for an evaluation and tune-up!

Smart Phone Repair

No need to replace your device, repair it instead!

Computer Repair

Is your computer running slow? We’ll take care of that for you!

Small Business IT

Geek Garage is a vast resource for small business IT support.

Phone Repair – Starting at $89

We can repair most cosmetic and internal problems. From cracked screens to charging issues, we have a solution for you!

Additional Details

Apple Screen Repairs Start at $89


Android Phone Screen Repairs Start at $135


Wide range of screen repairs available

Don’t let a cracked screen ruin your phone. We can replace most popular phone screens for less than what a replacement phone would cost.

Same day repairs on many popular models

Is your phone damaged or running slower than usual? We offer same day repairs on most popular phone models.

Charging port repair available

If your phone’s charging port has stopped working, bring it to Geek Garage and we can take a look!

Battery replacement repair available

We have batteries in stock for most popular phone models. Bring it to Geek Garage before replacing your phone with an expensive upgrade!

Game Console Repair

We repair Xbox, PlayStations, and more!

Additional Details

Console Repair Info

Due to the unique nature of gaming console’s, you’ll need to contact us directly for specific pricing information.


PC & Mac Repair – $80+

Is your computer running slow or do you feel it’s time for an upgrade? Bring your computer into Geek Garage for an evaluation!

Additional Details

Intake Fee – $80

Taken up-front, the intake fee covers Geek Garage’s 1st hour of labor on your device. This intake fee gives our technicians time to evaluate a wide range of issues such as issues with computers, phones, tablets, game consoles, gaming computers, and more. If further work is needed and approved, the $80 intake fee will go towards the final cost of repair.

System Optimization – $129

Using state of the art software, we scan and eliminate malicious viruses, malware, trojans, excess files, and cookies, internet browsing history, and update relevant system software. The result is a faster, safer, and more responsive computer experience.

OS Reinstall Without Data – $99

We start by wiping clean your hard drive of the clutter, mess and fragmentation that has built up over time.  We then reinstall the operating system resulting in a faster, more responsive like-new computer experience.

OS Reinstall With Data – $159

Same as above but–with your assistance–we identify and save all of your personal data, pictures, and documents. This DOES NOT include programs or software preferences.

Data Transfer – Starting at $80

Transferring data from one device to another. $80 includes the service, but if a destination drive or computer is needed, Geek Garage can provide an appropriately sized device for the additional cost of the device.

Data Recovery – Starting at $179

Utilizing proprietary software, we will recover your data from damaged computers, then transfer it to a device of your choosing.

Home and Business IT – Starting at $100/hr

Geek Garage offers competitive and professional technology solutions for small business. Specializing in everything from payment centers to data-backups. We want your business to succeed as much as you do, and we are here to make your tech run seamlessly so you can focus on serving customers!


Additional Details

House & Business Calls – $100/hr (One hour minimum)

Our skilled technicians travel to your home to alleviate your problems.

Advanced Business Call- $150/hr (One hour minimum)

Our skilled technicians travel to your place of business to help solve your more advanced problems, such as networking, system integration, or server troubleshooting.

Help Desk – $60/hr

Our skilled technicians will help you solve your problems side-by-side in-shop. Charged at $1/minute.

GG+ – $29/month when you sign up for 1 year

Sign up for GG+ and we will become your personalized remote help technicians!

Let us be your IT Support Staff!

Call us to discuss a customized contract that meets your IT support needs.


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