Smartphone Repair

Geek Garage has top of the line smart-phone repair services. Repairing a broken smart-phone is both ecologically and financially preferable to buying a new one!

Computer Maintenance

Is your computer running slow or do you feel it’s time for an upgrade? Bring your computer into Geek Garage for an evaluation and tune-up!

Smart Phone Repair

Don’t replace an expensive device, repair it instead.

Computer Repair

Is your computer running slowly? We’ll take care of that for you!

Small Business IT

Geek Garage is a wonderful resource for small business IT support.

Eric Salas
Eric Salas
19:14 05 Jun 20
Their cool they fixed my Amazon fire tv stick 4k and It didn't take them that long 👍😁
Julie Smith
Julie Smith
20:47 27 Apr 20
I dropped off my computer on Friday afternoon and by Monday morning they called to tell me the diagnosis. Wasn't a good one but they were able to retrieve my data. They were great with communication and the charge was less than what I expected. I will not hesitate to use them more
Dwight Tamanaha
Dwight Tamanaha
22:01 22 Apr 20
The technicians listened and honored my request to repair and get a reset done on my Mac laptop that was out of the box impossible. Using out of the box thinking, they helped me reset successfully. All the above features included. I express my greatest more
kaylee rodriguez
kaylee rodriguez
17:19 08 Apr 20
I unfortunately broke my phone screen and decided to take it here. They fixed it in a timely Maner. The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and very sweet! Highly recommend!
Dest Rush
Dest Rush
00:27 01 Apr 20
Awesome and fast service. Took 15 minutes to get my iPhone screen fixed. Cheap prices and reliable! Went to Batteries + and it was expensive! Great prices compared to Batteries +
Tom Schroeder
Tom Schroeder
20:06 29 Mar 20
Super service. Sharp people. Straight talk. Fair and easy prices. They recovered my data from a hard disk crash. Neat products on the shelves: cell phones, computers, monitors.
Bryan Stevens
Bryan Stevens
15:36 03 Feb 20
Brought in a laptop that I had torn down to put more RAM into. When I got it put back together I had somehow messed up reconnecting the keyboard. Geek Garage was able to tell me what I did wrong and fix the problem very quickly! Prices were reasonable and work was done fast. I'll use them again!read more
Philip Robertson
Philip Robertson
18:24 07 Jan 20
These folks make speedy and reliable repairs, and they have great hours!
14:18 30 Dec 19
I have been using Geek Garage for the last few years... these guys know their stuff... they are off-the-wall knowledgeable, customer service is outstanding. No question is stupid... service is more
James White
James White
22:27 18 Dec 19
These guys are awesome. They repaired my equipment efficiently and effectively. Even when they had to ship it out and it came back with more issues, they fixed it right up.
Dariel McLane
Dariel McLane
04:02 04 Nov 19
They were so helpful.
Ken Plum
Ken Plum
10:57 02 Oct 19
I brought in my IPhone's, they fixed on while we were there and were very quick fixing the other. They were very friendly and knowledgeable about my problem.
Distortions .
Distortions .
21:20 15 Aug 19
My iPhone 8 needed a new battery, and they had me in and out in a half-hour. Nice guys, they did a good job.
Lea Terry
Lea Terry
14:54 07 Aug 19
Initially service seemed good. For a $40 evaluation fee, my laptop was returned with no sound, no internet connection - neither of which was the problem initially taken there for. Someone else is now fixing these more
Rae Marie
Rae Marie
12:42 14 Jun 19
Friendly, fast, affordable & tech savvy. Love these folks.
John A Sanford
John A Sanford
20:32 30 May 19
Friendly and competent staff. They provided exactly the service I needed without any hassles and in a timely manner. I recommend them to anyone.
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Phone Repair – $59 & up

We can repair most cosmetic and internal problems. From cracked screens to charging issues to water damage, we have a solution for you.

Additional Details

Wide range of screen repairs available

Don’t let a cracked screen ruin your phone. We are capable of replacing most popular phone screens for less than a replacement phone.

Same day repairs on many popular models

Is your phone damaged or running slower than usual? We offer same day repairs on most popular phone models.

Charging port/water damage repair available

If you’ve dropped your mobile device in water or the charging port has stopped working, bring it to Geek Garage before replacing your phone with an expensive upgrade!

Battery replacement/charging port repair/water damage repair available

We have batteries in stock for most popular phone models. And if you’ve dropped your mobile device in water or the charging port has stopped working, bring it to Geek Garage before replacing your phone with an expensive upgrade!

PC & Mac Repair – $40+

Is your computer running slow or do you feel it’s time for an upgrade? Bring your computer into Geek Garage for an evaluation and tune-up!

Additional Details

Evaluation – $40

Hardware or Software Diagnostics of a computer with no actual work being done. If work is approved the $40 evaluation fee will go towards the final cost.

Computer Software Cleanup – $129

Using state of the art software, we scan and eliminate malicious viruses, Malware, Trojans, excess files and cookies, internet browsing history, and update relevant system software. The result is a faster, safer, and more responsive computer experience.

OS Reinstall Without Data – $129

We start by wiping clean your hard drive of the clutter, mess and fragmentation that has built up over time.  We then reinstall the operating system resulting in a faster, more responsive like-new computer experience.

OS Reinstall With Data – $159

Same as above but–with your assistance–we identify and save all of your personal data, pictures, and documents.

Data Recovery – $99

Utilizing proprietary software, we will recover your data from damaged computers and phones, then transfer it to a device of your choosing.

Small Business IT – $80/hr

Geek Garage offers competitive and professional technology solutions for small business. Specializing in everything from payment centers to data-backups. We care about your small business as much as you.


Additional Details

House/Business Call – $80/hr (One hour minimum)

Our skilled technicians travel to your place to help solve your problems.

Help Desk – $65/hr

We will help you over the phone and through remote connection on your PC.

Let us be your IT Support Staff!

Call us to discuss a customized contract that meets your IT support needs.

We offer discounts* for:
Military (With ID)
Student (With ID)
* Discounts cannot be combined with other discounts or sales. The largest savings will be used.

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